Wi-Fi key for smart cities

The sustained and accelerated growth of the world’s population and continuous advances in technological innovation are pressuring urban areas to be more efficient in delivering public services and providing new tools.

Optimizing the infrastructure and functionality of public services contributes to the quality of life of inhabitants.

Wi-Fi key for smart cities

The use of Wi-Fi will be a vital part of developing smart spaces because it facilitates communication for new projects and business opportunities. This increases the socioeconomic performance that is essential to the concept of a smart city.

A smart city can offer free Wi-Fi to improve communication among people who have network service on their mobile devices, providing them with savings and benefits.

Wireless networks in public places such as cafes, parks and libraries have created centers of communication that attract citizens. It is a service that the public is already beginning to expect from the community.

In addition, Wi-Fi is a key element for connecting smart cities, facilitating the control, monitoring and administration of public services and reducing their cost.

Source: http://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/tech/wi-fi-clave-para-ciudades-inteligentes.html

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