What is SmartCity Santiago?

SmartCity Santiago is the first experience in the smart city concept in Chile.

It is being managed by CHILECTRA and involves the creation of a business park in Heuchuraba, where each element is devoted to improving the quality of life for its inhabitants.

The proposal involves the integration of different technological innovations in an interactive way so that each citizen can participate in the urban development mechanisms that are implemented.

What is SmartCity Santiago?

SmartCity Santiago is a project that was conceived to mitigate the impact of human life on the local environment and is the first sustainable city center in Chile to use a smart grid or intelligent network that works seamlessly as its hallmark.

Electrical energy can be managed remotely and more efficiently using a smart network. This enables electricity operators to make quick decisions based on real-time information while staying in contact with service providers online.

The development of a project of this caliber aims to improve energy efficiency and promote the use of nonconventional renewable energy. Moreover, in these urban centers, users can become familiar with technologies that will be mandatory in future cities.

Source: http://www.smartcitysantiago.cl/que-es


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