What is the formula for having a smart city?

IESE Cities in Motion (ICIM) put together a list of the most successful smart cities in the world after analyzing more than 130 candidates. Based on their study, they identified a number of factors that every government should follow in order to obtain a sustainable city:

1. A clear vision and solid strategic planning.
2. Motivating stakeholders to participate and collaborate using communication channels that facilitate the exchange of ideas.
3. Educating and training human capital to achieve a better management of knowledge.
4. Technological infrastructure that corresponds to the urban development plans.
5. Symbiosis between the public and private sector that enables sustainable city models.
6. Financial studies to ensure that the projects carried out will be financially sustainable.

What is the formula for having a smart city?

IESE Cities in Motion is an initiative that seeks to guide cities around the world on the concept of smart cities in terms of managing natural resources, using new technologies and creating awareness among citizens.

Source: http://www.educamericas.com/articulos/reportajes/ciudades-inteligentes-en-america-latina


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