What constitute a smart city?

Infrastructure, operations, and people are the things that compose a smart city. A city is defined as a system that is interconnected by systems. A workflow develops as a collective and progressive goal.

The most intelligent cities are characterized by their ability to inspire sustainable economic growth and the prosperity of all of their citizens.

What constitute a smart city?

Their leaders possess the necessary technology to analyze data so they can make better decisions and anticipate problems in order to resolve them assertively, coordinating resources so they can function more effectively.

As demands grow and budgets tighten, the solutions also have to be smarter and more scalable in order to comprehensively apply to the city as a whole.

For example, through the use of tools that collect and analyze the great amount of data generated each day, the data can be shared in a unique way that allows the city’s operators to make decisions and provide quick resolutions to operational and infrastructure problems, thus becoming smarter cities.

Source: http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/ve/es/smarter_cities/overview/

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