Valencia tests public transport access through mobile phones

The Spanish city of Valencia will introduce a system of buying and recharging tickets using a mobile telephone, making it the first city in which one can access public transportation using a mobile device.

Users only need to hold the device near one of the readers to carry out the operation. They can even buy or recharge their ticket when the phone’s battery is dead.

Valencia tests public transport access through mobile phones

Initially, the system will only be available to clients of the Orange telephone company who are using Android devices. However, this undoubtedly represents one further step toward the introduction of cutting-edge technology in cities.

It is estimated that once this system is successfully tested in Valencia, it will be introduced in the province of Alicante and then in the rest of the Valencian community.

A company based in Gijon, Spain, was responsible for analyzing the habits of future users, making it possible to sustain the project.

It is hoped that Valencia will become a benchmark for future technological projects in cities not only throughout Spain but also on a global scale.


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