Utah develops wireless charging system for buses

Advances in energy transfer via induction show promise for transforming the prospects of electric buses in cities.

In July 2011, the Utah State University (USU) Research Foundation demonstrated a power transfer efficiency of 90% through a ten-inch air gap. These advances are showing themselves to be viable today for buses. They could help reduce pollution in urban centers and reduce costs as well.

Utah bus

A grant of 2.7 million dollars from the U.S. Federal Transit Administration has led to the development of the Aggie bus.

This electric bus is charged by induction, refilling its batteries from a charging station in the ground each time it stops to collect passengers. The system works regardless of the weather and the bus does not even need to be lined up perfectly with the charger at the stop for it to work. It offers the same level of reliability as the current public transport buses.


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