Toshiba will provide technology to intelligent cities

Toshiba smart city

Toshiba has announced it will start a “smart community”, a small intelligent and environmentally friendly city which will be situated in an industrial area of the French city Lyon. The project will be completed by 2016.

The aim of the project is to put in place a sustainable community based on renewable energy as well as cutting down to a minimum the inhabitants’ energy consumption and use of natural resources, by using new technology, infrastructure and services.

The community will have, thanks to Toshiba’s technology, Positive Energy Building (PEB), buildings that produce more energy than what they consume from the electrical grid.
All new built houses will possess an energy management system, which will allow individuals to visualize and control their electricity consumption.

Lastly, Toshiba will install a CMS management system (community management system) to measure and calculate real time data from all installed devices in buildings and from the electric vehicle charging network, in addition to managing an optimal energy distribution.


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