The top seven intelligent communities of 2014

The Intelligent Community Forum has announced the seven most modern cities of 2014. This select group is made up of three Canadian cities, two American cities and two Taiwanese cities.

1. Arlington, Virginia, United States. This community is constructing its own fiber network to increase broadband service and stimulate collaboration between the government, businesses, and universities.

2. Columbus, Ohio, United States. In their recovery plan following the recession of 2008, they have created 20,000 more jobs than they had in 2007.

3. Hsinchu, Taiwan. This is the first city in Taiwan to introduce e-learning platforms for its students and establish a scientific park.

4. Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This city took advantage of its educational institutions to create an innovative economy based on environmental sustainability.

5. New Taipei City, Taiwan. This city, which is made up of communities surrounding the country’s capital, is creating an economy of unified and dynamic knowledge.

6. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Toronto’s renowned waterfront development will enable it to offer Internet at a speed that is 500 times faster than conventional residential networks.

7. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Here the reinvention of the city’s agricultural legacy has spurred strong growth while also preserving its valuable heritage.

The candidates were evaluated on five indicators of intelligent cities that provide a conceptual framework for understanding all the factors that determine the competitiveness and success of a community in the global economy.


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