The top-rated smart city projects in Spain

a. Rentik (Navarra). A rental service offering electric motorcycles with removable batteries is ideal for businesses and other entities that require urban mobility because it helps them save money, including car payments, maintenance, insurance and energy consumption.

b. Prefabricated, detachable elevated radiant heating (Madrid). The groundbreaking system is composed of independent panels that can be taken down without interrupting their work. This allows them to be adapted to spaces that need to be heated efficiently and affordably, such as terraces, public buildings, exhibition centers and offices, without affecting the characteristics of the original flooring.

The top-rated smart city projects in Spain

c. City explorer (Murcia).The system of intelligent infrastructure management is based on Internet technology and it intelligently processes the information collected through sensors. It aims to make adjustments to increase comfort levels according to the number of people who are in a room and the weather forecast, among other parameters.

d. RiderState (Madrid). This is a social game for bicycle lovers. Using a free mobile app, cyclists can embark on a geo-localized adventure in which they can conquer the world from the seat of their bicycle.

e. Disabledpark (Alicante). A website and free mobile application that allows the geolocation of parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.
f. Ecomesh (Zaragoza). Based on the installation of hybrid solar panels in city pools that produce heat and electricity simultaneously using an insulated shield that recovers the heat that is lost from the front of other hybrid panels, providing excellent energy efficiency.



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