The Top 10 Smartest Cities In North America

Co.Exist published a ranking of the top 10 cities in North America. As they did with their Top Ten European smart cities list, this rankings was based on the Smart Cities Wheel, a device which contains six key components of smart cities and three key drivers for each component.

1. Boston. Aside from having a world-class innovation system, Boston also has some of the smartest residents in the world, since the city is is home to more than 70 universities and colleges, eight of which are dedicated research universities with $1.5 billion in annual R&D expenditures.

2. San Francisco. A city with a high quality of life and a thriving entrepreneurial economy, also serving as a destination for technology and civic-minded entrepreneurs.

3. Seattle. Seattle grabs a No. 1 position in the e-governance ranking from the E-Governance Institute. The city also performed well on the Smart Economy component.

4. Vancouver. The city has the highest quality of life in North America as measured by Mercer: Low crime rates, good education, temperate climate, and easy access to nature are among its qualities.

5. New York City. Along with tehir transit advancements, New York also scores top honors in open data, an indicator of smart governance.

6. Washington, D.C. D.C. is one of the top cities in the U.S. for transit use and e-governance (D.C. was 2nd amongst this list according to the E-governance Institute rankings).

7. Toronto. This Canadian city scores high in Smart Living as measured by the Mercer Quality of Life index.

8. Chicago. A city  committed to open data; it now has 851 open data sets.

9. Los Angeles. L.A. is starting grow its network of pedestrian and cycling paths and increased use of renewable energy. L.A. also is starting to create a thriving technology entrepreneurial ecosystem and is rated fourth globally in the inventive cities ranking.

10. Montreal. Montreal is one of the more dense cities with high-quality public transit. It also has the third highest quality of life rating here behind its two Canadian compatriots.


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