The future of Smart cities

The future of intelligent cities comes with optimising time and money.

Mobile phones, cameras and data operation centres, optical fibre, intelligent screens, LED… are the new core of the cities already being built. It is vital to know how to use this technology for the inhabitants to save time, money and have a better quality of life.

To achieve this excellence, the cities need to join the available information with the development, which translates into these examples:

Video cameras that allow receiving real time information about traffic, to control traffic lights and information panels with a minimum cost.

To build a city that values the mobility of motorcycles and bicycles on the same level as cars, to help control CO2 levels, to take care of the environment and of the inhabitants’ health.

These are some examples of integration the cities of the future will have to take into account if they want to improve the inhabitants quality of life as well as to save money and time.


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