Tel Aviv wins Smart City project award in Expo Barcelona 2014

Tel Aviv has committed to transforming itself into a Smart City. This huge metropolis includes around 3 million people and is considered one of the top three global business hubs in the Middle East, alongside Dubai and Istanbul. Tel Aviv has a leading reputation for its technology and innovation capacity and is recognized as the second most dynamic startup ecosystem in the world after Silicon Valley.

Tel Aviv’s new Digitel platform is an example of the commitment of the city to connect its people. Both residents and tourists can benefit from this innovative and highly personalized system of information and connectivity. The Digitel platform functions as a personalized recommendation engine, helping residents and visitors to enjoy the bounty Tel Aviv has to offer. Young people can receive recommendations of local bars, parties, and even for Tel Aviv famous pop-up street parties. On the other hand, families can receive real-time notifications of fun activities nearby.

Tel Aviv wins Smart City project award in Expo Barcelona 2014

Availability of free Wi-Fi across the city and the adoption of ‘Big Data’ practices have provided Tel Aviv with an innovative platform to improve citizen services.

In the past Expo City Barcelona 2014, the jury panel particularly highlighted the role of the Digitel platform as a benchmark and a pioneer of new models for public engagement.

In addition to this innovative public engagement program, the city hosts other “Smart City” applications such as Waze (Acquired by Google), Moovit, GetTaxi, Breezeometer and many other startups that have expanded globally.  Tel Aviv will be the first city in the world to launch an automated transit network system known as the SkyTran.

Whether you are an urban planner, a technologist, or a fashion designer, Tel Aviv is a city worth paying a visit. You will have the chance to enjoy the white sand beaches and Bauhaus architecture while discovering Tel Aviv’s secrets using its Smart City application. You’ll soon realize why Tel Aviv was the winning project at Expo Barcelona 2014.


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