Technology creates smart cities

Technological advances have made life easier for people and improved their quality of life. Today, a number of cities use technological advancements in information and communication to optimize resources, reduce costs, and use energy and infrastructure appropriately.

The European Smart Urban Spaces project is made up of 35 pilot applications in 11 cities across four countries including Bilbao, Caen, Helsinki, Oulu, Sevilla and Valencia.

Technology creates smart cities


It features technology and service administration platforms for public transport, education, cultural and social events that use near-field communication (NFC) technology to connect users.

In Latin America, the eight smartest cities that use these technological innovations are:
1. Santiago, Chile
2. Mexico City
3. Bogota
4. Buenos Aires
5. Rio de Janeiro
6. Curitiba
7. Medellin
8. Montevideo


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