Taipei and Hsinchu among the world´s seven smartest cities

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), a nonprofit North American research organization, has included the cities of Taipei and Hsinchu in north Taiwan among the seven smartest cities in the world for 2014.

The list of cities receiving such honor was announced on June 4 in New York by the ICF, which sponsors the economic development of broadband. These awards are given to the seven cities that display the best connectivity in the world.

Taipei and Hsinchu among the world´s seven smartest cities

Along with New Taipei and Hsinchu, the following cities were also selected: Columbus (Ohio), and Arlington (Virginia), in the U.S;  and Kingston, Toronto, and Winnipeg in Canada.

The chosen cities will compete for the title of the Smartest City in the World in an event that will be presided by the ICF this year.

ICF founder Louis Zacharilla explained that the seven different cities had shown remarkable broadband development while also cultivating conditions that favor smart living in communities.

Taiwan’s smart cities demonstrate one of the best programs of digital inclusion in the world. This is a result of the government’s preoccupation with providers bringing people high quality broadband including faraway towns situated in mountainous regions.

The national government of Taiwan requires each district or municipality to develop a native product or service that works in harmony with the regional culture including traditional recipes, festivals and other cultural events. The cities of Taipei and Taichung have previously been named among the seven smartest cities in the world by the ICF in 2006 and 2013 respectively.


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