Students create a smart city in Spain

Architecture students at the Iberoamericana Torreon University in Spain are looking to recreate a city through a sustainable city model that offers job opportunities and a good quality of life without the need to move to other cities.

Economics and development expert Sam Podolsky stated that every year 4,000 students graduate from universities and only 2,000 find jobs. Five percent work in jobs related to their specialty while the rest head to other cities in search of opportunities.

Students create a smart city in Spain

In order to rever this situation, the students of the Iberoamericana Torreón University are working with external public entities to create a project called «Cobian District: A smart city model of sustainable knowledge.»

The university’s coordinator of architecture studies, Gustavo de la Vega, commented: «The goal is to make this sector a place where people can work, live and enjoy their free time without leaving the area.»

The model covers all of the services and attracts investors to work together and create a meeting place for the entire city.

These approaches are analyzed based on certain problems that the city is experiencing, such as unemployment, the migration of talent to other areas of the country, and the poor sustainability of the city.


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