Spain encourages collaboration with Latin American Smart Cities

Representatives from more than 60 Spanish companies took part recently in a conference alongside representatives from municipalities in Mexico, Chile and Peru, responsible for the adoption of policies in the intelligent cities.

Emblematic projects from Spanish cities which would be adapted for South American cities were presented in the event.

Spain encourages collaboration of its companies with Latin American Smart Cities

The government is encouraging the internationalization of Spanish businesses so they can participate in development projects in South America together with municipal authorities and other international organizations.

In this sense, there are a great number of Spanish consultancy and advice businesses with the capacity to analyze the needs of the cities and offer solutions to design and carry out Smart City projects.

Spain has companies capable of undertaking all types of projects.

Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico are the priorities to launch these projects, since these nations have cities experimenting continuous growth, and have put their citizens’ quality of life at the centre of their strategy.



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