Smartmatic present at the 2nd forum of Smart Cities

The 2nd National Encounter of Digital and Smart Cities took place on 9-12 July in the municipality of Chacao. Surya Silvestre, Product Manager for Smartmatic’s Smart Cities Business Unit, presented Smart Cities: A step to the future.


During her intervention, Silvestre had the opportunity to share with the audience the needs and challenges metropolises are undergoing with the current transformation model, and the benefits associated with the implementation of technologies to improve citizens’ quality of life.

The National Encounter of Digital and Smart Cities is a technology innovation forum that provides tools for the public to learn how to manage their environment in the most efficient manner. The idea is to promote a debate and a discussion on the benefits of bringing the concepts Smart Cities to Venezuela and top cultivate the use of technology as a resource planning and management tool in order to improve the citizens’ quality of life.


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