Smart Urbs 21 report identifies business opportunities in smart cities

The «Smart Urbs 21» report collects international analysis from more than 370 initiatives from over 64 cities to detect smart opportunities focused on improving public management and the application of technology to citizen-centered services. It also analyzes whether the initiatives that are being implemented contribute to the enhancement of services and deepens into the hiring possibilities.

«Smart Urbs 21» is born from the initiative of Barcelona Digital and the Instituto Cerdá, with the participation of the Barcelona City Hall, the SantCugat City Hall and companies such as Fenosa Natural Gas, Cespa-Ferrovial, Saba, BBVA, Districenter and Moventia.

The study focuses mainly on what has been called «Smart Environment», which includes garbage management, cleaning and environment, «Smart Energy» -which includes smart buildings or the lighting of public spaces- and «Smart Transportation & Mobility», which considers management services for traffic, goods, parking lots and mobility, among others.


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