Smart City figures: the cases of Paris and Toronto

The term «smart cities» refers to cities with high levels of innovation, sustainability and quality of life. The cases of Vienna, Paris and Toronto are paradigms, to say the least. Vienna, for its part, was the first to receive the honor of being considered a smart city, while Toronto is one of the first smart cities on the American continent.

Smart cities a reality

Intelligent Buildings Conference took place in Madrid, Spain

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos

Some of the exemplary measures implemented in these cities include the possibility of direct investment in energy efficiency (in Vienna, citizens can buy solar panels and receive yearly profits), the use of recycled gas that comes from landfills to fuel garbage trucks (as in the case of Toronto), or the use of bicycles and electric cars for free or for a very cheap rental fee (as is the case in Paris).

Spain, however, is far from being considered a country of smart cities. According to a study carried out by the IDC of Spain, there are «few» smart cities in the country and the ones that do exist are not particularly remarkable in comparison to other European cities.

The IDC, as well as other prestigious voices in politics, economics and sociology, recognize the tremendous importance of smart cities in the future. It has been said that in the future, everyone will live in smart cities because they are the natural evolution of modern cities. They also encourage entrepreneurs to find unexplored niches in the market to explore in order to contribute to the development of smart cities.

As you can see, the future of society depends on smart cities, a type of city that is cheaper, more efficient and healthier that also presents a great opportunity for visionaries who want to build businesses related to this sector.


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