Smart city concept to be integrated into India’s structural and economic development

As part of his governance plan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has presented an initiative that applies the smart city concept to transform his country’s cities.

The Indian government approved a plan to create 100 smart cities as satellites of the major metropolis. Their primary goal will be the application of modern technology in urban, housing and waste management, energy efficiency and transportation programs.

Smart city concept to be integrated into India's structural and economic development

Development programs in India have garnered support from Japan, who will invest 4.5 billion dollars to develop the industrial corridor from Delhi to Mumbai, a project that will cross six states in India and drive economic and industrial development in the country.

Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has just presented a proposal to Singapore to collaborate on the development of 100 smart cities along the industrial corridor.

During meetings with Singaporean authorities, Swaraj presented an initial proposal for collaboration between both countries to construct a «little Singapore» alongside the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor.

The project will require an initial investment of 1.156 billion dollars. Other countries such as The Netherlands have also shown interest in this ambitious project, which will transform India as we know it.


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