Smart Cities to improve urban lifestyle

Lluís Gómez, director of the Smart City Expo WorldCongress fair in Barcelona conceded an interview to Efe Bogotá from which we can extract interesting reflections on the present and future of Smart Cities:

Turning emerging cities from Asia and Latin America into Smart cities is the «common sense» solution to avoid possible collapsing of channels and productivity if their growth continues at the current rate.

Plans to build these Smart Cities need to adapt to «the problems, interests and capacity of each city», because a «program that works in one city will possibly be useless in another and vice-versa».

Cities need to be built with the objective to serve the citizen from that specific city, an external model cannot be copied or adapted to another context.

A city’s sustainability is not conflicting with earning money, if the projects are planned long term and in an attractive way it will bring investments as well as sources of employment and prosperity.

Without a doubt, very interesting reflections from Lluís Gómez.



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