Smart cities: A way of life

It is estimated that nearly 70 percent of the world population will live in urban environments by 2050. If current patterns continue, cities will consume 75 percent of the world’s energy and produce nearly 90 percent of its carbon dioxide output. A solution to this problem has been in the works for several years: smart cities.

Smart cities will improve the quality of life of millions living in cities by making the administration of cities much more efficient and sustainable than they have ever been.
Some of the options being analyzed to transform current cities into smart ones are the management of public parking, bringing it to the suburbs and enabling residents to access their workplaces and residential zones using efficient public transportation.

Smart cities: A way of life

In the outer areas of cities are landfills, which could be a great source of energy given that they generate biogas, something that is rarely taken advantage of. In the future, this gas could be used optimally in order to improve the planet’s health as well as to reduce dependency on external energy networks.

Finally, xeriscaping would use native plants to decorate parks and gardens and also to optimize water consumption, diminishing its use while improving efficiency.

The ultimate goal is to create cities that are more efficient with less external dependency and greater environmental viability.


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