Santander: A smart Spanish city

Santander’s emergence as a reference for smart city has come as a surprise to all of Europe. It has even surpassed the initial expectations of the project itself.

After three years and an investment of nearly nine million euros, Santander has become the first smart city of Europe, making it «sustainable, efficient and green with intelligent management», in the words of its creators.

Among its many developments, they have added more than 20,000 devices to enhance its public transportation system, the environment and resident security, all while reducing acoustic contamination as well as pollution.

Santander: A smart Spanish city

This project is the result of a collaboration among the Santander City Council, the University of Cantabria and the I+D Division of Telefonica. The result is that all the variables of water consumption in parks and gardens are monitored and automatically adjusted in order to optimize consumption. Moreover, public lighting consumption is also being monitored to reduce inefficient spending.

The European Commission recently commended Santander SmartCity for its results. In their opinion, Santander has surpassed initial expectations and become an example for other cities that wish to become smart cities.


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