Rivas-Vaciamadrid one of the most “smart” cities in Spain

The term Smart cities defines the cities that use innovative solutions in areas such as transport, the environment, information and communication technology (ICT), city planning, energy consumption, knowledge economy and governing that guarantees a sustainable economic and urban  development, with an environment that offers citizens a high quality of life.

Rivas smart city

In Spain, we can see a city’s commitment to sustainability as a way of urban development with the project Rivas Ecópolis. The Spanish city of Rivas-Vaciamadrid used this project to work towards becoming a Smart City.

Rivas spanish smart city

This city is developed according to the “sustainable building” model which involves constructing buildings and neighbourhoods with its citizens’ well-being and energy savings in mind, using elements such as high efficiency boilers, crossed ventilation, solar protection and LED illumination, with savings up to 65% over conventional illumination. An example is visible in the barrio de la Luna.

Rivas Smart city

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