Manheim’s smart grid lowers energy consumption and cost

In 1882, Thomas Edison opened the world’s first commercial electric grid. What if we could modernize it? That is what the city of Mannheim, Germany, is doing. Germany has developed extensive local renewable energy production, however renewable energy sources are not always available when and where needed. In order to match energy supply with demand,

New Delhi set to get new three smart cities

It will be a happy new year in New Delhi. In the next few months, work will begin on three smart cities, with 20 flats built in an organized urban set-up equipped with all amenities and guided by technology. The cities will be provided with uninterrupted power, water and Wi-Fi connectivity. Hospitals, schools, commercial complexes,

Internet of Things place cities on the fast track to becoming smart

The dynamic use of knowledge to improve both the use of scarce resources and a higher quality of life for its citizens is the hallmark of a smart city. Advances in wireless sensor systems, information and communication technology (ICT), and infrastructure allow cities to collect and curate huge amounts of data capable of sustaining and

Growing smart cities by networking new school champions

A three-year investigation on how innovation in America’s large cities has evolved has recently been published. The main finding was that ecosystems matter. Most innovations occur where there is a confluence of knowledge creation, talent, and incentives. Innovations are successfully implemented where there is sustained leadership, incubation capacity, and impact-focused partnerships.   For 20 years,

Smart cities in Latin America

Smart cities will expand over the next decade. Smart energy management and global use of integrated information, communications and technology (ITC) have supported the rise of new ultra-modern urban hubs, particularly in Europe and the EE.UU. But Latin America is not behind. The city of Medellin in Colombia has been lauded for its sustainability practices. Improvements in

Innovation teams help cities to bring solutions to longstanding problems

The innovation team (or i-team) model developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies brings dedicated capacity to city halls to implement innovative and data-driven solutions to long standing problems. The teams focus on the identification of mayoral priorities by following four steps: investigating the problem, generating new ideas, preparing to deliver, and delivering and adapting.  Data plays a