The Spanish city of Vigo will take part in an intelligent traffic project

The Galician city of Vigo will participate in a pioneering project together with seven more European cities, for the installation of an intelligent urban corridor. This intelligent urban corridor involves a system of sensors on the road that interact with receptors installed on the vehicles and will inform about traffic jams, alternative routes and available

A Spanish University designs intelligent protection barriers for the roads

The Spanish University of Zaragoza has presented an innovative system for road protection, which aims to reduce the number of injuries, amputations and deaths of road users, specially motorcyclists and  cyclists. These new protection barriers have the capacity to absorb the energy produced by the blast, they are made of steel and designed to bend,

Open Energy, another Smart City concept

We found an interesting thought on another Smart City model called Open Energy in the open code blog from Bernardo. What is Open Energy? This Smart City philosophy offers the creation of an energy consumption visualization system with the aim to save energy in households, on a small scale, as well as in industry. Each

Intelligent street lamps in Spain

Many are the Spanish cities that are going for a quality and intelligent public lighting system, it is environmentally friendly and saves Treasury costs. These intelligent street lamps with LED lights reduce contamination and costs as these are much more efficient than the conventional ones; moreover, they offer interesting services such as for example to

The future of Smart cities

The future of intelligent cities comes with optimising time and money. Mobile phones, cameras and data operation centres, optical fibre, intelligent screens, LED… are the new core of the cities already being built. It is vital to know how to use this technology for the inhabitants to save time, money and have a better quality

Future intelligent cities

Nowadays, the percentage of people living in cities reaches 50% of world population, this rising number is forcing cities to adopt an “intelligent” management model for its resources to adapt to the rising urban population needs. Some cities like Amsterdam, Singapore and Stockholm serve as a perfect model for intelligent cities in the future, when