Intelligent buildings, environmental respect

In many countries the construction of new houses brings along a more effective use of the available resources to obtain the best results and reduce costs without affecting the quality and care of the planet. The decision to construct buildings while making the most out of the available renewable resources achieves a 30% savings on

Spanish city Murcia is the hostess of the Spanish Intelligent Cities meeting

The Spanish city Murcia was elected hostess for the meeting of the Spanish Network of Intelligent cities which takes place on the 27th of April. Representatives of the 19 capitals forming the network will go to:Barcelona, Burgos, Cáceres, Castellón, A Coruña, Logroño, Huesca, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Palencia, Pamplona, Salamanca, Santander, Segovia, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid y

Intelligent Pavement, another tool for Smart Cities

The Intelligent Pavement is yet another tool Smart Cities will count on from now on. This pavement has an operating system, applications and sensors to provide the streets with different functions, serving as a communication channel for citizens. The pavement’s operating system is capable of integrating services such as virtual libraries, area promotions, city maps,

Intelligent illumination is capable of achieving savings of up to 80%

The installation of intelligent lighting could save, for some cities, up to 80% of their energy consumption according to the national association of illumination manufacturers (Anfalum). Replacing the old mercury vapour lamps is key to start saving but many cities still use them, for example Madrid, for 20% of their illumination. Very big amounts of

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Problems caused by urban traffic get more serious every day for people living in cities. Due to the rise in commuting time in public transport, unpunctuality, pollution, acoustic contamination, etc… To control all these problems, people turn increasingly to ITS systems, computer science and telecommunication systems that support intelligent traffic management. The ITS systems have

Alcala de Guadaíra: The public WIFI with more than 2.300 registrations in the first month

Internet is a fundamental pillar for any SmartCity, the wifi networks help the inhabitants to undertake a multitude of tasks from anywhere at any time. The free WIFI from the municipality of Alcala de Guadaíra is already servicing more than 2.300 connexions in its first month of service. The users of this network are mainly