Famous sacred city in India will become a smart city

Allahabad is a very old settlement on the banks of the Ganges. Soon, it will become one of India’s first «smart cities», according to the plans being piloted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Allahabad is considered the spiritual capital of India. It is a famous pilgrimage place. Innovation plans for the city are supported by

10 ideas for thinking smart about pets in your city

1. While planning more parks and cycle routes, city planners can include infrastructure and spaces. For example, new dog parks (with off-leash areas) and posted dog-walking routes. 2. Take advantage of innovations and networks developed by the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data sharing tools. Gathering information about pet population, consumption, behaviour patterns and

5 ideas for joint-celebrations of Water Day and Earth Hour

With #WorldWaterDay celebrations just finishing and #EarthHour events about to come (next Saturday at 8.30pm, your local time), this week seem like a perfect moment to mark the occasion and think about our planet and sustainability. Even better, not just think… but act! Keep in mind that the Water Day theme was sustainable development and

$ 150 million to boost sustainable public transport in Mexico

Mexico City is escalating its vision of sustainable mobility. The city will invest $ 150 million to expand and modernize its public transport system.. The city will invest $ 150 million to expand and modernize its public transport system. With the support of development banks and experts on urban mobility, this investment represents a step

Malmö, a sustainable smart city

Many cities around the world are developing new methods to become more energy-efficient and create eco-friendly infrastructure. The city of Malmö, in Sweden, used to be a polluted industrial center, home to nuclear power plants. Nevertheless, since 2000, city officials have closed the plants and are committed to make Malmö, carbon-neutral by 2020 and able

Tel Aviv wins Smart City project award in Expo Barcelona 2014

Tel Aviv has committed to transforming itself into a Smart City. This huge metropolis includes around 3 million people and is considered one of the top three global business hubs in the Middle East, alongside Dubai and Istanbul. Tel Aviv has a leading reputation for its technology and innovation capacity and is recognized as the