Kansas City to develop a smart city network

The Kansas City Council has approved a $15 million agreement with a private partnership to turn a two mile stretch of the streetcar line into a «Smart City» network.  The project includes the creation of interactive digital kiosks to share information about events and city services with pedestrians. Data about infrastructure and traffic will be

Smart cities projects will boost economic growth in India

India has approved 100 Smart City projects and a new urban renewal mission. This would accelerate economic growth. It has been estimated that the projects will contribute more than 60 % to the GDP, while the spending on cities would be only 0.7 %. According to government speakers, the mission of building 100 smart cities

Glasgow’s technological approach to improve city services

Glasgow is now considered a city of the future. Two years ago, the city obtained a £24m funding of the UK government. The money was spent on technology. The grant was designed to transform the winning city into smarter, safer and more sustainable place. As part of the project there was a scheme to share

Berlin will hold assembly about innovations in smart cities

The creation of a common Market Place for Smart City solutions will be the focus of the General Assembly of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) that will be held on 21 May in Berlin Germany. The event will bring together high-level speakers from city halls, leading companies and the European Commission to examine

Why safety is important for the development of smart cities

To handle future population shifts and the increased demand of services, both government and private sectors believe that smart cities are the future. Nowadays more than 54 % of the global population lives in urban centers, with that number expected to rise to 66 % by 2050, leading to new challenges in housing, transportation and

Free Wi-Fi on public transport in the city of Porto

Porto, the second-largest municipality of Portugal offers the biggest “Wi-Fi-in-motion” network in the world. Around 600 city buses and taxis have been fixed with wireless routers. The service not only provides passengers with free internet connections but also helps collect data that helps to run the municipality more efficiently. The tech startup behind this new service is