New Delhi set to get new three smart cities

It will be a happy new year in New Delhi. In the next few months, work will begin on three smart cities, with 20 flats built in an organized urban set-up equipped with all amenities and guided by technology. The cities will be provided with uninterrupted power, water and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Hospitals, schools, commercial complexes, green spaces and energy-efficient structures would be the other features.

New Delhi set to get new three smart cities

Smart cities are Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project, an ambitious plan to set up 100 such urban settlements across the country.

In Delhi, private developers will build the cities. The cities will scale new heights. Norms have been modified to allow residential blocks to rise as high as 24 floors, official sources said. At present, apartment blocks can only go up to 12 floors.

Regulations of land polling had been approved by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the Delhi government had already initiated the exercise of changing the land use from rural to urban, sources. The regulations have been sent to the urban development ministry and once they are approved, work will begin.

Locals/developers would offer land parcels, and the DDA would create basic infrastructure. The DDA would then handover the land to developers responsible for providing residential and commercial complexes, hospitals, schools, parking lots and green spaces, officials said.

A smart city is a self-sustainable unit relying more on renewable energy with integration of green spaces, residential and commercial areas, connected through a web of roads. Emphasis is also on minimizing waste by increasing energy efficiency and optimizing water management.

“We are going to appoint a consultant to provide ICT (information and communication technology) enabled services in the entire process till the occupancy certificate is given to individual applicants,” a senior official said.


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