Montreal opens a new digital smart city office

After setting the goal of positioning Montreal among the top five leading cities in information technology, the city’s mayor has approved a budget of $400,000 for this year to create a smart city office.

Mayor Denis Coderre expressed the need for Montreal to be once againone of the most cutting-edge metropolises in the world. He feels that the creation of a new office dedicated to the development of technological services could enable the city to compete with the most modern cities in Europe and North America. Mayor Coderre said, «The creation of this new service office was necessary to help us meet our goal of positioning Montreal in a strategic way at the same level or even above that of cities like New York, Lyon, Barcelona and Amsterdam in terms of information technology.» 

Montreal opens a new digital smart city office

The digital smart city office of Montreal outlined its priorities based on the following objectives:

-Free access to information and data about the city for every individual to use as he or she wishes

New technology that promotes quick access and dissemination of information through the Internet

-Merging different digital systems for the city’s public services such as transportation, security and energy to make them all easier to use.

-Promoting the creation of new technology businesses that can provide the city with all of the technological systems necessary to carry out the project.



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