Malpensa will be the intelligent airport of Milan

The Cargo City of the Airport of Milan, Malpensa, is about to become a smart city.

To such end, the Cargo City will be equiped with a computing platform to allow monitoring all the information about arriving and departing flights. Thereby clients of the airport will have real-time information to streamline their procedures.

Malpensa will be the intelligent airport of Milan

Malpensa is the most important logistic airline hub for import-export goods of Italy. In 2012 the goods trade in Malpensa were about 405,000 tons, more than a half of the whole country.

The airport has already implemented some procedural changes to simplify bureaucracy, allowing a decrease of 50 % on import and export inspection periods.

This project includes the creation of a team that could propose not only a platform for information management, but a dynamic digital integrative system with a great advantage for the whole logistic and entrepreneurial sector competitiveness.



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