Korea’s new sustainable city inside an airport

Korea's new sustainable city inside an airport

How can you improve the best airport in the world? This was the question posed by the Gensler firm, who collaborated with the HMGY Consortium to build the new terminal in the Incheon International Airport. The project is a miniature city situated within the airport that has everything, from a koi pond to an entire commercial district.

Some of the unique elements found in Terminal 2 include:

-Several open air facilities: In addition to the aforementioned koi pond (which is located below the transfer zone), there are also waterfalls, streams, aviaries, and hectares of giant gardens that measure more than twice the size of a football field.

Photovoltaic elements integrated into the landscaped zones: Gigantic skylights that reduce the need for artificial lighting in certain areas.

-A commercial zone big enough to be called a district and a food court.

-Efficient distribution of air and HVAC systems. For example, the air conditioning is only available up to three meters from where the airport’s visitors wander, which means there is no cold air being wasted on empty spaces.

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