An integrated vision of a smart city

The construction of the smart city concept is emerging as a strategy to mitigate the problems created by the urban population in terms of population growth and the speed of urbanization.

However, until now, academia has given the matter little attention. In light of this, a group of researchers from prestigious universities around the world have published an interesting report about the theme, taking into account the points discussed in the 45th International Conference on System Sciences that took place in Hawaii in 2012 to explore the variety of extensive literature covering the different areas and scientific disciplines.

An integrated vision of a smart city

They identified eight critical components to establish smart city management initiatives: the management of the organization, technology, political management, people, communities, the economy, infrastructure, and the natural surroundings. These factors should form the framework that local governments can use to examine how to promote different smart city initiatives.

The framework suggests directions and agendas on the research of the smart city concept and outlines practical implications for government professionals. It can be summarized in the following points:

1. A smart city should be directed toward economic integration.
2. A smart city should exercise control over the integration of the conditions of all of its critical infrastructure, including highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, subways, airports, sea ports, communications, water, energy, and even major buildings.
3. A smart city should connect physical, social and business infrastructure to collectively make the most of the smart city concept.
4. A smarter city is one that can use computer and internet technology to make itself more efficient, sustainable, equitable and habitable.
5. The use of computer technology will be particularly critical in the optimization of services such as transportation, roads, garbage collection, bill collection, health and education.
The use of computer technology plays a key role in establishing the interactive networks that are hallmarks of smart cities.


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