Innovation teams help cities to bring solutions to longstanding problems

The innovation team (or i-team) model developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies brings dedicated capacity to city halls to implement innovative and data-driven solutions to long standing problems.

The teams focus on the identification of mayoral priorities by following four steps: investigating the problem, generating new ideas, preparing to deliver, and delivering and adapting.  Data plays a central role throughout the process, from deep investigation of problems to evaluation of the success of initiatives.

Innovation teams help cities to bring solutions to longstanding problems

 Innovation teams report directly to the Mayor and are focused on results. This position allows them the necessary perspective and authority to coordinate with partners to take on longstanding issues ensuring effective implementation of programmatic solutions.

The Team has being successful across many areas, for example:

  1. Atlanta found housing for 1,022 formerly homeless individuals.
  2. Chicago reduced the time it takes to open a restaurant from 66 to 44 days.
  3. Louisville increased successfully the number of adopted street animals.
  4. Memphis reduced robberies, non-domestic violence aggravated assaults, and homicides by 50% in a focus area.
  5. New Orleans reduced the number of murder victims by 37% in targeted neighborhoods.

A new round of grants (By Bloomberg Philanthropies) will enable the kind of significant results on issues including affordable housing and a new program to reduce violence and crime.


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