Information Technology contributes to healthcare

Information technology (IT) -based networking has become an indispensable part of the health sector.  Digital Healthcare optimizes the quality and effectiveness of procedures in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Each clinical process is today accompanied by information. Optimally, IT systems support clinical processes by providing information needed at the right place at the right time.

Greater emphasis has been made on connected healthcare that provides the ability to seamlessly link patients, clinicians and patient care organizations. Connected systems are used to share data locally or remotely. Intelligent digital health systems can optimize both quality and effectiveness of the processes in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Through real-time patient monitoring, doctors can monitor the progress of the treatment of their patients more efficiently and make faster decisions to save lives.

Information Technology contributes to healthcare

But not only in clinical environment IT-systems is useful. The intelligent networking of personal health data with apps and online services offer the opportunity that IT can really be seamlessly integrated in everyday life. For example an app on the smartphone could inform people based on their individual blood sugar and cholesterol levels while shopping. Another app could recommend a car buyer with slipped disc problems the appropriate back-friendly car seat.


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