Improving energy efficiency in Chile

Smartcity Santiago is an innovative socio-technological project based on the creation of a «city-lab», aimed at testing the latest technologies and including users in active participation in energy management. The goal is to integrate renewable energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

This city-lab will serve the community, universities and authorities in academic and research purposes with the aim of testing new energy efficiency technologies and ways to manage energy.

Improving energy efficiency in Chile

In the medium term, the project aims to implement the positive experiences from the city-lab on a greater scale. With a $10 million funding, the project will try many initiatives combining energy efficiency, innovation and sustainability to improve the quality of life of Santiago residents.

Through this initiative, Smartcity Santiago could monitor and record projects on electric mobility, telemetering, photovoltaic generation, electric network automation, intelligent LED street lighting, video surveillance and free Wi-Fi, among others.

Chile is trying to reduce its energy consumption by 20 percent by the year 2025. The development and application of new technologies involving community participation will enable them to offer a more efficient energy service. 



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