IDC studies evolution of the smart city in Spain

The 2012 installment of the Smart Cities research carried out by IDC Spain, to be presented on September 26, will shed some light on the development and success of several Spanish cities that «got smart», like A Coruña, Bilbao, Málaga, San Sebastian, Valencia or Madrid.

According to a UN report entitled «World Urbanization Prospect«, urban population in Europe will continue to grow relentlessly: it was 50% in 1950, around 71% today and is expected to reach 84% by 2050. These socioeconomic changes emphasize intensive use of energy, the growth in consumption of products, services, and waste emission.

Mobility, environmental solutions, renewable energies and the Cloud concept with its possible uses are just a handful of examples of the technological innovations that are having a possitive impact on smart cities.


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