How to share information in a smart city

One vital metric that defines a smart city is the capacity of interaction of its various components.

The optimal use of resources in a complex urban ecosystem depends on the ability to exchange different information metrics and services in the city. The efficient use of resources requires communication.

How to share information in a smart city

In the years to come, cities will likely need to set up an infrastructure that facilitates the collection of information in real time and at set intervals. It should also establish appropriate strategies for the use of data, due to the heterogeneity of formats available.

As smart solutions develop, the need to share the information obtained from various elements will emerge among the different service providers. This means that the information will need to be standardized, classified, stored and shared.

Another side is the expected evolution of smart city structures. This should evolve from what is known as «the Internet of things» to what could be called «the Internet of people» because smart cities should place people as their focus, even though their functional essence lies in creating an infrastructure that is capable of providing services.


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