How to measure smart cities

If there were one single, specific characteristic that identifies a smart city, it would undoubtedly be innovation. Innovation aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens.

In order to innovate, we must emphasized the concepts of sustainability, equity, mobility and inclusion.

As long as imagination and technological advances have the collective wellbeing in mind, they will become the driving forces behind smart cities. Why do we form groups if it is not to benefit everyone?

How to measure smart cities

According to Boyd Cohen, a specialist in strategies to reduce climate change, promotion is the first step to increase the number of smart cities. He has been dedicated to identify and disseminate the benefits and indicators of smart cities.

Additionally, he developed a method to measure the intelligence level of a city based on 28 indicators that determine the degree of innovation that is found in an urban space.

These indicators include digital government, open information, quality of life, environmental policies, mobility, support for entrepreneurs and innovators, and education.

Boyd’s efforts help reinforce the culture of urban planning, characterized by integration and the ability to successfully confront the challenges that every city faces on a daily basis.

This places urban intelligence on the minds of citizens and also pressures authorities to make decisions to act on these measures.

If predictions are correct, more than three million people who live in inner-city areas can enjoy a better quality of life.


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