Guadalajara will become a smart city

As cities grow and the world continues its move toward urbanization, smart city planning becomes even more relevant. About $10 trillion in investments will be needed for urban infrastructure by 2025.

In this regard, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is working to help municipalities address urbanization, integrating technology to create smart cities through its Smart Cities Initiative (SCI).

Guadalajara will become a smart city

According to Gilles Betis, Chair of the IEEE SCI, the institution brings together technology, government and society to create sustainable environments and offer citizens a higher quality of life.

Guadalajara, Mexico is the first of 10 planned municipalities participating in the IEEE SCI program. Wuxi, China, and Trento, Italy are next. The culture-rich, historic city center of Guadalajara with surrounding universities and a high-tech community has a lot to offer.

The Mexican government, as well as city leaders, supported the project.  They consider it as a prototype to develop best practices and a pool of talent that can be used in other smart city projects around the country.

The IEEE initiative will enable these cities to collaborate with each other under the guidance of world-renowned smart city builders and experts.




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