Growing smart cities by networking new school champions

A three-year investigation on how innovation in America’s large cities has evolved has recently been published.

The main finding was that ecosystems matter. Most innovations occur where there is a confluence of knowledge creation, talent, and incentives. Innovations are successfully implemented where there is sustained leadership, incubation capacity, and impact-focused partnerships.  

Growing smart cities by networking new school champions

For 20 years, the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) has been the intellectual driver for public education update. Founded by Paul Hill and affiliated with the University of Washington, CRPE advances in basic elements of a portfolio strategy.

District must ensure quality options through student assignment policies. Also, community engagement is needed to create significant changes for all stakeholders.  The community as well as a diverse set of providers must be a source of support for schools.

Strengthening school leadership is also important. School leaders should have as much autonomy as possible and should be held accountable for results.  Also a talent-seeking strategy must be implemented by nationally recruitment and the development of local talent.

Performance-based accountability for schools should be implemented. Effective schools get replicated, struggling schools get support, and chronically low-performing school must be closed.

In addition, with the help from a growing web of external partners, districts and charter networks have been making digital conversion, using new tools to create new school models. With cheap devices and improving broadband coverage, this decade will be marked by the shift to personalized learning in blended environments.


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