Google targeting airports and smart cities

Google has some ambitious projects in the works that will help the company reinvent itself. One such project is the construction of an airport and a smart city that will add a whole new dimension to the company.

The aerodrome that the company is planning would be an additional terminal for Silicon Valley executives. The innovative infrastructure would strive to become a prototype for a new kind of airport. The same can be said for its smart city, which would aim to become a reference in its field.

Google targeting airports and smart cities
According to the publication on the specialized portal The Information, the development of this infrastructure would be part of a big project known as Google 2.0.

Sources say that key executives in relevant areas of the company met around a year ago to discuss the new project, which has been expanded to include other developments and innovations.

This is undoubtedly an ambitious project, but it could come to fruition in the medium term.


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