First pro-innovation summit promotes Latin American smart cities

Miami-Dade county sponsored the first «pro-innovation» summit, which was attended by representatives of various cities in the United States and Europe. Their main objective was to draft a proposal for cooperation to develop smart cities in Latin America.

This proposal seeks to boost urban technology in Latin America as well as other countries.

First pro-innovation summit promotes Latin American smart cities

The summit outlined some innovative projects that use public and private funding to boost the development of innovative businesses. Elsa Noguera, mayor of Barranquilla, Colombia, stated that this type of initiative «generates spaces of reflection surrounding the importance of technology when it comes to managing cities and modern society.»

She also stated that the deficit in digital production in Latin America prevents the development of innovation and new technologies.

As part of her presentation, the mayor highlighted the «Vive Digital» project, which is an alliance between Colombian municipalities and the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications. The project focused on the «digital literacy» of citizens and access to new technologies.


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