Elements that make a city smart

As cities march towards becoming Smart Cities, they need to cautiously invest in technology and advanced services for its inhabitants. Some of the key elements that make a city smart and that need careful attention are:

  • Investment in ICT’s: Information and Communication Technologies play a fundamental role in the evolution of environments towards sustainable, comfortable, interactive and intercommunicated spaces.
  • Improving urban mobility: Optimizing the flow of vehicles noticeably favors the performance of the population’s activity. Besides, technology can offer great benefits in improving the public transport systems and encouraging its use.
  • Home automation: The automation of daily chores is of great utility in facilitating life in homes and offices. Thanks to this technology, we can be in complete control of air conditioning, lighting, managements of shutters and safety devices, among other aspects of any home.
  • Energy management: With cities in constant growth and resource reserves running out, it is vital for cities to manage energy and resources in an efficient way, as well as reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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