Eco-city: Tianjin has 350.000 inhabitants in 2020

Tianjin eco-city is a city located about 150km from Pekín, it will be the biggest ecological city in the world. The project in Tianjin started in 2007 with the joint work of the governments of China and Singapur and should be finished by 2020, with 350.000 people living in it.

The city was designed thinking about the sustainability of the air and water quality, the carbon emissions and the use of an ecological transport.

Around 20% of the energy needs of the inhabitants will be produced by renewable energy sources such as windmills and solar panels, among other systems.

The constructed buildings will be south facing to make the most of the solar heat and make use of the latest technology and materials to improve the efficiency and energy savings.

Lastly, the waste collection will be managed with a pneumatic system that will allow automatic waste sorting for recycling without the need for waste collection trucks.



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