Cybersecurity in a smart city

Implementation of security (protection of data, systems, and infrastructure) is essential for smart cities.  Within the cybersecurity strategy, responsibility for risks must be assumed by all stakeholders and not only by technology providers.

To help cities to identify key aspects of cyber security within their infrastructures, Microsoft just published a report entitled “Developing a City Strategy for Cibersecurity” including a set of recommendations based on years of interdisciplinary working with local authorities.

Cybersecurity in a smart city

The main guidelines are:

  1. Build a risk-based approach to cibersecurity
  2. Set clear priorities
  3. Definition of minimum ICT security guidelines
  4. Share and coordinate threat and vulnerability information
  5. Build incident response capabilities
  6. Boost of public awareness, education and workforce training
  7. Enable of private, public and academic cooperation

These recommendations can be adapted to the needs of a particular city or environment.



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