Colombia presents new public management strategy

The Ministry of State for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of Colombia introduced its strategy for efficient public management at the event: «Expogestión Oriente 2014» held recently in Bucaramanga.

The main theme of the event was the development of new models of innovation and collective leadership to improve competitiveness in Colombia. Authorities emphasized the importance of ICT in governance processes and the use of a business open data system.

Colombia presents new public management strategy

In the context of the event, the Deputy Minister of Information and Technology, María Isabel Mejía Jaramillo, outlined the guidelines and policies that Colombia is currently undertaking to improve the efficiency and transparency of public administration. She pointed out that relevant, systematic and strategic incorporation of ICT has enabled the government to improve public services transactions through Internet, generating confidence and credibility among citizens. Besides, she announced that a portfolio for the development and application of new online services is currently available.

Finally, she noticed the importance of building a business open data network which may facilitate the exchange of information between private companies and the government in such a way to have a reusable open system available to all public services.

The activity was attended by public workers, business people as well as members of the academic and civil society.


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