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Hi-tech command and control center opens in Bataan

A new state-of-the-art command and control center has opened in the Philippine province of Bataan. Equipped with the latest closed circuit television (CCTV) camera technology, an emergency call center, bikes and patrol cars, the 1Bataan command center aims to enhance public safety, monitor the Roman Expressway and respond to emergency and disaster calls,  as well

The boom of ‘megacities’

By Jesmina García and Saúl Castelar “Megacities” is the current name for urban conglomerates with over 10 million inhabitants. Today, there are 20 metropolis around the globe that fit the criteria for this denomination; however, calculations done for the near future show that the list will grow considerably. According to the UN, over 60% of

The Top 10 Happiest Cities in the World


Buildings of the future must be smarter, says conference

The latest trends in building technology were revealed recently during the Integrated Systems Europe Fair (ISE) in Amsterdam – a smart building conference with a holistic approach. Not only was the audience able to learn about smart houses, the STEP standard for smart spaces and how to implement protocols such as KNX, presentations on multi-room

Bristol makes smart cities fun with the concept of a playful city

The English city of Bristol proposed a contest named «Playable City«, which asked people to develop a smart city where citizens could interact in a fun, useful and practical way. The winner of this contest was a project from PAN Study Design called HelloLamp Post! HelloLamp Post! allows people to interact with everyday objects that

Smartmatic present at the 2nd forum of Smart Cities

The 2nd National Encounter of Digital and Smart Cities took place on 9-12 July in the municipality of Chacao. Surya Silvestre, Product Manager for Smartmatic’s Smart Cities Business Unit, presented Smart Cities: A step to the future. During her intervention, Silvestre had the opportunity to share with the audience the needs and challenges metropolises are