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Information Technology contributes to healthcare

Information technology (IT) -based networking has become an indispensable part of the health sector.  Digital Healthcare optimizes the quality and effectiveness of procedures in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Each clinical process is today accompanied by information. Optimally, IT systems support clinical processes by providing information needed at the right place at the right time. Greater emphasis

Smart cities and the benefits of the cloud

With its flexible, scalable architecture, cloud computing can help boost cities’ efficiency and quality of service, while supporting citizen participation in the global economy. Cloud services can be adjusted as needed to improve operational efficiencies. it can help streamline facilities and reduce ICT management requirements. With centralized data storage, management, and backups, data recovery in

Rio de Janeiro is a leader in smart city initiatives

Latin America and the Caribbean are two regions that could benefit from urban interconnectivity.  According to the UN, nearly 90% of their inhabitants will live in cities by 2050. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a leader in smart city initiatives. After mudslides wreaked havoc in April 2010, the “Rio Operations Center” was created. The

Growing a garden of neighborhood activism

A big change in terms of community participation is occurring in Memphis. The initiative is being conducted by a group of young people who decided to assume responsibility for their own welfare. This new way of activism is a welcome change from a local tendency in the past to identify a problem and turn to

Mobile phones: the master key for smart and hyperconnected cities

The widespread use of smartphones could play a key role in the connectivity of the functional network of smart cities, serving as the instrument for a truly «hyperconnected» network capable of sustaining thousands of people in the same geographic location. Mobile phones are the key to building a society of information, coordinating with new services

Madrid public transportation is a model for smart cities

Experts from the Regional Consortium of Transportation in Madrid (CRTM) have been invited to participate as speakers in the «Summit of Smart Cities» that will take place in Chile. It is considered the most important convention about smart cities in all of Latin America. Madrid has been setting an example on account of its optimal